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Activity calendar

November 27th 2012 -Film Screening of In Transition 2.0

Followed by a discussion on the Transition movement in Cocagne. Tuesday Nov 27th – 7:00 pm at École Blanche Bourgeois

August 25 2012 – Cob oven workshop

Gena Arthur of Eco Developments will present a one day course on cob oven building. The course will aim to introduce methods of earth/cob building, and will include theory and practice with short demonstrations; however, the emphasis will be on hands-on learning. You will find space for fun and creativity and expect a workout for the body and mind! Participants should leave feeling confident in their ability to build the cob parts of an oven and to make and apply an earthen plaster.

Please bring a hat, work gloves, water canteen, and sturdy shoes or rubber boots, bug spray, towels, change of clothes, Pen/pencil and notebook

Date: August 25 2012

Time:10 am to 4 pm (ending time approximate)
Location : Ferme Marcel Goguen – 475 chemin Cocagne Sud Road

Cost : 100$/ person, 150$/couple – lunch included –Payment in advance by cheque to the GDDPC

For registration and payment info 506-576-8247 or

Sunday May 27th -1:oopm – Presentation on raising chickens at home

With veterinarian Nicole Cormier

The 27th of May at 1:00pm Nicole will present the basics of what is needed to raise chickens in your backyard. The presentation will be at the offices of the Pays de Cocagne Sutainable Development Group. There will be an indoor presentation followed by a site visit of Nicole’s installation. This activity is bilingual.

There’s no cost but places are limited. The office of the PCSDG is situated at 4585 Route 134, Cocagne.  For more information and registering you can contact us by phoning (506) 576-8247 or by email at

Friday April 20th 2012, 1:30pm-4:30pm – Permaculture site planning

Adrian Buckley of Big Sky Permaculture will present a refreshing look at planning your site for energy efficiency. Adrian will provide dozens of examples and ideas on creative ways to plan your site to help ensure the energy you spend is going to best effect.

Workshop will be at the Centre 50 d’Âge d’Or, 10 rue Villa, Cocagne. The cost is 25$ including snacks. Please register by phoning (506) 576-8247 or by email at

Sunday December 11, 2011, 8:30am -2 pmPoutines râpées et pâtés à la viande

At a cost of $25, this workshop will allow you to learn how to make poutines râpées and meat pies as well as have 4 poutines for supper (if your bring your own container).

Club d’Âge d’Or de Cocagne, from Route 535, Cocagne, NB. (bring your lunch) RSVP et payment before December 7, 2011 (limited space)

Info : 506-576-8247;; GDDPC C.P. 1035 Cocagne, NB E4R 1N6

Wednesday November 9, 2011 7pm ‘The Art and Science of fermented foods- particularly sauerkraut’

with Mr. Doug et Craig Lewis of Lewis Mountain Fresh Farm at the Club 50 d’âge d’Or de Cocagne, entrance from Route 535, Cocagne, NB.

The presentation will be in English.

Saturday November 19, 2011 11am-2pm ‘Radionics and Pyramids as tools to grow a garden’

with master dowser M. Charles Hubbard at Shinimicas Rogation Center, 257 Smith Hill Road, Shinimicas NS ( Amherst, Amherst Shore area) Please bring your lunch. Thank you

Cost 25$. RSVP (space limited)


2010-2011 Activities

Saturday November 5, 2011, 1:30-2:30pm -Visit of an alternative electricity production system (solar) and discussion about ‘net metering’

For those interested in learning more about net metering with solar panels we will visit Marielle and Jean-Guy Poirier at Champdoré farm. We will have a discussion about the installation and operation of the system. For more information contact the PCSDG at 576-8247.

The visit will take place at  Champdoré farm – 74 T. Babineau Rd Grande-Digue, NB (off Babineau Rd).

Wednesday August 17, 6 :30pmLearning to salt fresh snap beans

Salt is used in food conservation. Our ancestors salted fresh snap beans. Some people still do as is the case with Madame Doris. She has agreed to share with us her knowledge and expertise.

With a 10$ contribution you will go home with a container of salted bean. Please bring your own plastique or glass container (approx 1 gallon/4 liters) with cover. We will supply the water, the salt and the beans.

Activity will take place at the  Club d’Âge d’Or de Cocagne, Villa st. entrance from Route 535, Cocagne, NB. RSVP before August 12, 2011 at 506-576-8247 or via

Mai 2011

Sunday May 29th from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm: COMMUNITY DAY and GARAGE SALE at the Blanche Bourgeois School in Cocagne NB.

For those looking to sell unused objects, meet new people or exchange vegetable plants, perennials and more.Please bring your own tables. Other activities include a nature walk, a visit of the school Biodiversity Gardens, BBQ by the Cocagne Fire Department and a presentation on composting.

Details and schedule available on the web at or at 506-576-8247 (BlancheBourgeois School, Route 535 Cocagne) 


April 2011

Wednesday  April 6, 2011 at 6:30 p.mGrafting of apple trees- theory and practice with Mr. Léopold  Bourgeois, horticulturist of la Fleur du Pommier Farm

In the warehouse as well as in the field we will learn about the principles of grafting fruit trees. We will practice grafting and prepare an apple tree to be planted at the location of your choice.

Workshop will be at the Fleur du pommier Warehouse Cocagne Sud Road, Cocagne, NB. Cost 10$. RSVP (space limited) or 506-576-8247

The presentation will be bilingual.

 February 2011

 Local product community breakfast – Sunday February 13th



Transition Cocagne will be hosting a community breakfast featuring products from Southeastern NB Sunday February 13th from 8am to 12pm at the Club d’age d’or in Cocagne. Tickets are available at Cocagne Variety and Eudore Melanson Rite Stop. The cost is 10$ for adults and 5$ for children (under 12). For more information you can leave a message at 576-8247


Fall 2010 Activities:


Tuesday evening September 28, 6:30 p.m. –

Food conservation: theory and practice with Bernadette Goguen

 In the kitchen we will practice food conservation techniques while learning the security rules of food transformation. Everyone will leave with a jar of homemade apple pie filling.

Location : in the kitchen of the Club 50 d’Âge d’Or de Cocagne, Villa Street. from Route 535, Cocagne NB.  Cost 10$. RSVP (space limited) or 506-576-8247


Saturday October 16 – 1 pm Ecological Forestry with Mathieu Leblanc ACFOR

We will learn the process required to manager a sustainable forest; from the forest managemetn plan to the cutting techniques. There will be an indoor presentation followed by a visit to a managed woodlot. Please dress accordingly. FREE

Location : Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group office, 4535 Route 134, Cocagne NB.

Spring 2010 Activities:

Saturday and Sunday April 10th and 11th – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm: INTENSIVE ECOLOGICAL GARDENING WEEKEND WORKSHOP – with Yves Gagnon

Creator of “Les Jardins du Grand Portage” of Saint-Didace Québec,
he is a farmer, author, columnist and educator. This user friendly workshop
gives you the tools towards food self sufficiency. The course will cover garden planning, crop rotation, companion planting, choosing the right seeds, soil, organic fertilizers, weeds , pest and disease control.

Thursday April 22nd 7:00pm: PRESENTATION: MODEL FOREST ACRE – with Gary Schneider of McPhail Woods (PEI)

Discover how to create or restore an acre of land with species from the Acadian Forest while creating wildlife habitat.

Tuesday April 27th
6:00pm: FRUIT TREE PRUNING WORKSHOP – with Léopold Bourgeois of La Fleur du Pommier

Learn basic techniques that promote the development of _owers and
fruit as well as the overall health of the tree.

MAY Activities

Monday May 17th
7:00 pm: PRESENTATION ON GRAIN CULTIVATION – with Jean-Guy Poirier and Bernard Thériault

An informal presentation on the basics of growing grain such asAcadia and Red Fife wheat. From seed sowing to _our making. For those who want
to give grain growing a try some 6’ X 20’ parcels at Champdoré Farm will be available this season on a first come first serve basis. (for reservations call 576-8247)

Tuesday May 18th
7:00 pm: JOURNEY TO BURKINA FASO: TRAVEL LOG – with Gilles Martin

A presentation of the Really Local Harvest Coop’s visit to several rural communities in this West African country – their challenges, farming customs and traditional land stewardship practices.

Saturday May 29th
from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm: COMMUNITY DAY and GARAGE SALE

For those looking to sell unused objects, meet new people or exchange vegetable plants, perennials and more. Please bring your own tables. Visit the school Biodiversity Gardens. BBQ by the Cocagne Fire Department.

JUNE Activitie

Sunday June 6th

A workshop on how to grow and harvest these gourmet mushrooms with the use of hardwood logs – ideal for people looking at starting their own cultivation at home for next year. Limited space –( Cost 30$ including taxes
and one mushroom log)

Sunday June 20th
10:00 am to 4:00 pm: BIODYNAMIC FARMING AND DOWSING WORKSHOP – with Charles Hubbard

Learn alternative organic farming methods that harness terrestrial
and cosmic energies to promote bountiful harvests. The use of pyramids,
labyrinths, rock circles and farm animals, allow to mix, farming, gardening and spirituality.

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