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About us

The Transition Towns network was born in England in 2006 in response to the phenomenon of Peak Oil and the advent of Global Climate Change.  As the era of cheap oil draws to a close and the negative effects of its use on the global climate become evident, we must develop strategies to reduce our community dependence on fossil fuels.

We currently use and have become dependent on fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) to heat our homes, to fuel our cars and trucks, to grow our food, to produce our goods, to produce our electricity, and to produce synthetic products like plastics and fertilizers.

Transition Cocagne wants to engage the community in the great adventure of finding creative solutions to address the challenges of peak oil and climate change.

Transition Cocagne: our mission is

  • To find local solutions to reduce our dependency on fossil energies and carbon emissions.
  • To improve and rebuild community resilience, i.e. its capacity to resist the shocks associated with peak oil and climate change, through the improvement by becoming more self sufficient in areas such as food and energy production while revitalizing our economy and reducing our impact on the environment.

    Transition Cocagne is only at its beginnings.  There is no precise recipe to follow – only the will and creativity of people like you to lead this ambitious initiative.  See the section ‘Getting Involved’ for more information on how you can participate to the initiative.

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