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Cob oven building workshop – August 25 2012

June 19, 2012

Course details
Inspire yourself and tantalize your senses during a day of connecting with the earth at a beautiful rural location. Come along and learn how to build a fully functioning sculpted oven from cob. An ideal first project for those new to cob building….
Gena Arthur of Eco Developments will present a one day course on cob building. The course will aim to introduce methods of earth/cob building, and will include theory and practice with short demonstrations; however, the emphasis will be on hands-on learning. You will find space for fun and creativity and expect a workout for the body and mind! Participants should leave feeling confident in their ability to build the cob parts of an oven and to make and apply an earthen plaster.
Practical sessions will cover:
– The location and testing of suitable materials.
– Mixing cob successfully by foot. How to adapt your mixes to suit the conditions and elements in the design
– All the essential aspects of building a domed oven, as well as ways of sculpting and finishing cob.
Learn how to make and apply an earthen plaster, which will include some cob bas relief sculpture.- Learn about relevant tools for building and baking in your oven.
– See how to fire up an oven efficiently, as well as methods of cooking and baking.
Theory sessions will cover:
– A brief introduction to the philosophy and history of cob and other natural building methods.
– The advantages of using earth ovens and building with earth in general.
– Simple roof design for ovens and small structures.
– Siting, foundations and drainage for ovens and small structures.

We will expect participants to arrive before 10 am. We will finish at roughly 4 pm
What to bring : Please bring a hat, work gloves, water canteen, and sturdy shoes or rubber boots, bug spray, towels, change of clothes, Pen/pencil and notebook
Date: August 25 2012
Location : Ferme Marcel Goguen – 475 chemin Cocagne Sud Road
Cost : 100$/ person, 150$/couple – lunch included –Payment in advance before July 15th by cheque to the GDDPC. Space limited to 15 participants, First come first serve.
For registration and payment info 506-576-8247 or Cheques can be sent to P.O Box 1035, Cocagne, NB E4R1N6
Then what?
Cooking in an earthen oven connects us with the elements and our food in a profound way. By the end of this workshop you will have connected with some great people and you’ll walk away with the skills necessary to build your very own oven!! Have a look at some of our beautiful ovens here –

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